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Toxemia is a poisoned condition of the blood.

Toxemia is almost always accompanied by toxicosis.

Dr. John Tilden, a hygienic medical doctor, wrote the classic, Toxemia Explained in 1926.

He loudly crusaded the natural healing and lifestyle correction approach.

Soundly based upon physiology and years of clinical experience, Toxemia Explained provides the foundational concepts of why we get sick, what the symptoms mean and how we can get well and stay well.

Dr. Tilden boldly implicated toxemia—bodily toxicity from wrong lifestyle habits (mainly toxic diets)—as the culprit in all illnesses.

In the book he drives home the necessity of cooperating with the body’s detoxification processes for the restoration of health.

Although Dr. Tilden’s teachings are self-evident, they fell upon deaf ears within the medical industry.

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