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Know Your Self-healing Power! Use the gift of sleep to get well!

© by David Klein, Ph.D.

The greatest power in the universe is your own life force! The energy that keeps you alive also powers every bit of your healing! Will you use it to your full advantage or ignore and squander it, erroneously assuming your healing power is to be found elsewhere?

Your body is constantly working as best it can to preserve and improve its vital domain: repairing its parts when needed, regenerating, rebalancing and optimizing all of its functions. This healing force is vigorous and thorough, under favorable conditions.

With rare exceptions, your genes contain the perfect instructions for all manner of self-healing; it happens automatically. All that is needed is that we intelligently cooperate with the body’s calls for rest so that it can accomplish its tasks without interference. This means stepping out of the way and conserving energy so that our fullest energy potential is available for the healing work.

Our innate body intelligence knows best—it trumps the meddling mind and our futile tinkerings every time! Trust your body’s wisdom—let it do its work and your “healing miracle” will take place in its own time. Healing can be fast or slow—we must be patient and accept that the body is always doing its best.

When we are sick or injured, the body’s actions are unerring as it goes about its business of restoring health. Occasionally, we may need some form of emergency care and mechanical manipulation to facilitate the natural healing of the entire organism; this should be done in an energy-conserving manner without interfering with the body’s self-correcting actions. If we cooperate with the body, providing the optimum conditions for health, the healing job will be accomplished in minimal time.

Squandering our own self-healing power is a tragic mistake made too often by too many. We only delay healing and prolong suffering when we attempt to “fix” or “treat” the body with modalities. The body heals not because of, but in spite of such interventions! Allowing our innate power to do its work, while we patiently ride out the the health restoration process, is a beautiful experience; it is always the most prudent approach. Best of all, it’s free!

Healing is as easy as laying down, closing your eyes and letting the God within take over. Sleep is the most powerful healing remedy! The body is a “self-curing” marvel!

Every day we nearly run out of nerve energy and, as is Nature’s way, we fall asleep. This nerve energy is our vitality—it is our most precious commodity, bar none! Nerve energy powers our nervous system, our organs and the self-healing processes and it comes from sleep. Sleep is the source of our vitality!  

When we are wide awake, the body-mind is active, and nerve energy is being used up—it is not available for healing. During sleep, most of our bodily energy is intelligently channeled toward healing. Sleep your way to health and vigorous vitality and feel better soon!

Sleep is your fountain of self-healing energy. The more you sleep, the more your vital energy will build up for all of your mind-body functions. Sleep charges your nerve cell “batteries” and fills up your nerve energy “storage tank." It’s like putting “money in the bank.” When your nerve energy “bank account” is full, you will feel like a million and be enabled to heal as quickly as possible! Keep your nerve energy strong via sleep and rest, a simple nutrient-rich rawfood diet and a restful healing program and your body will heal with great vigor!

Sleep is the sole source of nerve energy. It does not come from drugs, stimulants such as nutraceuticals and superfoods, “energy drinks“ with caffeine, “energy work,” therapies or activities of any kind. Rather, they deplete our precious nerve energy through stimulation. Never squander your nerve energy, especially when you are in need of healing, which is all about building up and conserving nerve energy so that the body can use it for the most important tasks at hand. The ultimate healing approach is to take a water fast with bed rest.

Do you feel tired, irritable, cranky, upset or depressed? Is your mind unclear and your ability to reason muddy? Are you healing too slowly or getting nowhere with your health quest? We cannot do anything well when we are short on sleep. Sleep and sleep some more until your energy is restored and you feel renewed—then you will be on your way to vibrant health!

Do you want vigorous energy? Sleep! Do you want to heal? Go to sleep! Do you want to heal faster? Sleep more! Obey your most basic health need and you will be on your way to vibrant health! Remember: you cannot oversleep. Sleep puts “money” in your energy reserve account. Sleep gives you vitality!

You can get something from nothing! Do nothing, intelligently: go to sleep when your body is tired or ailing. When it needs to accomplish extraordinary work, it demands more sleep. The “do nothing” cure is the smartest thing you can do when you need healing. Make it your first, not your last resort! After all, it is free! All else is usually a waste of time, energy and money!

You can spend a fortune going to all the best doctors in the world. Save most of your money and take this million dollar advice: go to sleep and your body will charge up with healing energy and heal. Nothing else can heal you! That’s 90% of everything you need to know about healing right there.

Take the sleep challenge, often. There’s “nothing” to it and you will marvel at how much better you feel with a “full tank” of nerve energy.

You have the self-healing power! Sleep gives it to us. Call it the “magic elixir of life,” the “fountain of youth,” ”the rejuvenator,” “the invigorator,” or the “healing miracle worker.” It’s your personal power plant, your healing sanctuary, the ace up your sleeve, and Nature's great gift!

Always remember: sleep = fastest healing results. That’s a direct order from the doctor within!

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