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Natural Hygiene

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“Hygiene” is literally “the science of Health.”

Hygiene is properly defined as that branch of biology which designates the conditions upon which health depends and the means by which it may be sustained in all its virtue and purity while we have it, and the means upon which its restoration rests when we have lost it. It is the scientific application of the principles of nature in the preservation and restoration of health.

Hygienic means health preserving. Practically, it implies the observance of the Laws of Life.

In its widest sense, Hygiene is the application of the principles of nature and the use of the normal means of life for the preservation and restoration of Health.

The prefix “natural” was added to distinguish it from distorted representations of health.

Natural Hygiene is synonymous with Vibrant Lifestyle, Vibrant Living, Healthful Living and Healthful Lifestyle.

It is the art and science of Living Vibrantly or Healthfully in accord with our natural biological mandates.

The Natural Hygiene teaching model embodies those principles which guide us to correct living practices.

The Natural Hygiene teaching model holds that vibrant pristine health is our birthright and this is attainable via Vibrant Living.

Natural Hygiene teaches that to have perfect health, we must adopt a program that will build and maintain perfect health. It teaches that we must abjure injurious practices and habits. We certainly must not indulge poisonous habits that supply nothing the body needs but gives it multitudinous problems with which to contend.

Natural Hygienists refer to Nature as our mentor and teacher.

Natural Hygiene is grounded in the biological and physiological sciences.

Where human health is concerned, Natural Hygiene can be considered to be applied human physiology.

No Health System has proven to be more effective in the restoration and preservation of health.

Natural Hygiene has a rich 200-year history, pioneered by Rev. Sylvester Graham, Robert Walter, M.D., Isaac Jennings, M.D., John Tilden, M.D. and nurse Florence Nightingale in the 19th century. Natural Hygiene rose to prominence in the 20th century when the great hygienic physiologist Dr. Herbert M. Shelton opened his Dr. Shelton's Health School, wrote 40 books, published numerous magazine issues, led the American Natural Hygiene Society, and helped countless disease sufferers resurrect their lives the natural way. Dr. Shelton, his associates and disciples influenced new generations of families, teachers and Hygienic Doctors to live and teach the hygienic lifestyle. Among new hygienic teachers and doctors are: Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, Dr. T. C. Fry, Dr. Laurence Galant, Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Timothy Trader, Robert Sniadach, Dr. Paul Fanny, Dr. David Klein, Annette Davidsson and Luka Jaukovich, c.M.S.

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