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The Laws of Life

© David Klein, Ph.D.

In the early and mid-19th Century, the great Hygienic pioneer Dr. Sylvester Graham, followed by Robert Walter, M.D. and Isaac Jennings, M.D., developed The Laws of Life.

They gave us an illuminated understanding of the body’s true needs, to create, and maintain health.

Their work, later embellished by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton and others, stands as a cornerstone of human physiology.

However, these teachings are largely absent in modern physiology textbooks—a travesty which keeps our medically-indoctrinated society in the dark about the requisites of human health—and in the throes of unhealthful lifestyles and disease symptom treatment.

Understanding the basic principles set forth in these laws empowers us to “operate” our body wisely, and become independently healthy, as Nature intended, so that we may Live Vibrantly.

I. Life’s Great Law: Every particle of living matter in the organized body is endowed with the instinct of self-preservation, sustained by a force inherent in the organism, usually called “vital force” or “life,” the success of whose work is directly proportional to the amount of the force, and inversely to the degree of activity.

II. The Law of Action: Whenever action occurs in the living organism, as the result of extraneous influences, the action must be ascribed to the living thing, which has the power of action, and not to the dead, whose leading characteristic is inertia .

III. The Law of Power: The power employed, and consequently expended, in any vital or medicinal action, is vital power, that is, power from within.

IV. The Law of Selective Elimination: All injurious substances which, by any means, gain admittance within the domain of vitality are counteracted, neutralized and eliminated in such a manner and through such channels, as will produce the least amount of wear and tear to the organism.

V. The Law of Dual Effect: The secondary effect upon the living organism of any act, habit, indulgence or agent is the exact opposite and equal of the primary effect .

VI. The Law of Special Economy: The vital organism, under favorable conditions, stores up all excess of vital funds above the current expenditure, as a reserve fund to be employed in a time of special need.

VII. The Law of Vital Distribution: In proportion to the importance and need of the various organs and tissues of the body, is the power of the body, whether much or little, apportioned out among them.

VIII. The Law of Limitation: Whenever and wherever the expenditure of vital power has advanced so far that a fatal exhaustion is imminent; a check is put upon the unnecessary expenditure of power, and the organism rebels against the further use of even an accustomed “stimulant.”

IX. The Law of Vital Accommodation—Nature’s Balance Wheel: The response of the vital organism to external stimuli is an instinctive one, based upon a self-preservative instinct, which adapts itself to whatever influence it cannot destroy or control.

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