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Understanding Inflammation

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When injured or invaded by toxic matter, gases or microorganisms, or when a buildup of internal toxic debris, fluids and/or microorganisms (commonly called an “infection”) reaches a crucial level, the body enacts a health-restorative purification process called inflammation. In this process, the body is working at a “feverish” pace to heal you! It sends elements of the immune system to the threatened area: phagocytes, including monocyte/macrophages and leukocytes, also known as white blood cells or T cells, which produce antibodies, binding toxins to the killer/neutralizing T cells. In the cases of Colitis and Crohn's disease, toxic fecal matter, acid wastes and toxins within the bloodstream have poisoned the bowel, causing the body to enact inflammation in order to purify the tissues.

In addition to the T cell action, the body sends antibody-producing B cells, more blood and more lymphatic fluid for removal of toxic debris to the threatened area. Also, the permeability of the small blood vessels is increased to permit the delivery of large molecules from the bloodstream to the damaged area for use in the body’s repair work. The extra blood and lymphatic fluid causes the inflamed area to swell, redden, feel hot and, sometimes, painful. These are all normal and positive signs of the body’s magnificent self-healing powers in action.

Inflammation is vigorous self-healing action intelligently conducted by the body. The intelligence of bodily healing action is supreme, and we must support the process. No matter what we do, only the body can heal itself, and, in each case, it heals in spite of, not because of, our interference. Only the body can heal itself, and there is no force in our lives which is more powerful than its self-healing powers.

If we have internal inflammation, we must remove the causes of disease—ie., toxic diet, drugs, mental/emotional/lifestyle stress, etc.—and supply the body with the conditions of health: clean-digesting nutritious diet, rest, sleep, etc. If the inflammation is external, it is prudent to simply clean the affected area with water, then leave it alone and get plenty of rest and sleep to allow the body to shunt all the self-healing energy it can muster for its restorative job. Inflammation will run its course if we support the self-healing process. Only then will health be restored. Remember: self-healing energy is only generated when we sleep—it does not come from food or remedies or anything else. There are no exceptions to this physiological process of life.

Taking anti-inflammatory medicines and herbs works against the body’s restorative action, since all “medicinal” anti-inflammatory agents are toxic and enervating—they have no healing intelligence and do not act on the body; rather, the body works to eliminate them. Thus, their use is counterproductive, decreasing the amount of bodily energy available for self-healing and, in some cases, making us sicker. Overdosing on medicines and herbs can weaken the body so greatly that it has no energy for keeping the inflammation process going, and thus the inflammation stops prematurely, fooling people into believing that the agent “worked.” That does not “cure” us; rather, that stops the self-healing action, keeping us toxic! Icing a wound chills out our life-force, slowing down the healing process. The self-healing life-force needs to rage on, unimpeded, to complete its job! And it will, when we provide the conditions of health.

By deeply delving into these simple yet mind-challenging teachings, you will become empowered to heal and live free of fear of disease.

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