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Humanity Needs to Know!

© David Klein, Ph.D.

One magical evening in 1984 my mind exploded. I was studying the Natural Hygiene Course, which was masterminded by T. C. Fry, and understood how to save and resurrect my life. I also understood what humanity needed to undo disease, suffering and its descent toward extinction. My revelation of health via the principles of natural raw food diet and self healing set in motion my rapid healing and lit a fire in me which is still raging on. From an abyss on the brink of destruction to the pinnacle of health, here I am!

Some people describe my passion for getting people the messages of raw food eating and self healing as driven and indomitable. A minute has rarely gone by in seventeen years when I have not been caught up in thinking of ways to effectively present this information so that everyone can understand and embrace it. Where is this passion coming from? From my desire to help others after recovering from eight years of my own hellacious suffering, my will to live in a healthy body and enjoy the fruits of life, and to see my fellow Earth beings realize the same. No one deserves to suffer!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll be educating the world for the next hundred years, or as long as it takes for humanity to wake up to healthful living. I love doing this work --empowering people with this knowledge and seeing them overcome suffering, thwarting death, and becoming healthy and liberated from the medical traps is heartening and exhilarating! Every woman, man and child deserves to live a healthful life in a healthy body! The information describing how to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate is here and available to everyone now and it is high time that everyone gets it! As Thomas Henry Huxley said, "Education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature." Natural is the way to be!

Humanity needs to know that:

I am eternally grateful for my mentor, Dr. T. C. Fry, who provided the opportunity to share this information with you. There is a universal spiritual law which says that to receive we must give. It follows that for every ounce of good will we put out toward our fellow Earth citizens, we will receive more enrichment in return. This is so true! It feels so good to give in to oneself by creating a healthier body, and to humanity by sharing this information. This raises our and Mother Earth°s level of health and deepens our spiritual connection, becoming a joyous daily ritual or celebration. The fruits of this healing work are simply the fruits of life. I love sharing with you and wish you joyful health and endless abundance.

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