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Disease is not a thing.

Disease, or “dis-ease,” is a self-preservation, self-purification, self-healing action or process, intelligently• conducted by the body to regain wellness, or “ease.”

The symptoms of dis-ease (sensations and feelings) are signs of vital bodily self-purification and healing actions.

When we feel unwell it is meaningless to think that we have “a disease.” It is meaningful to know that our self-healing body is in the process of detoxifying and healing itself.

Dis-ease is caused by the body, and nothing else.

Germs (bacteria, “bugs”, or microbes) and “viruses” do not cause dis-ease, unless we give power to this myth and allow ourselves to get carried away with our fears.

Louis Pasteur ultimately realized and admitted that his germ theory of disease was false, around 1880 (read Beachamp or Pasteur? by Douglas Hume).

Toxins and germs do not cause dis-ease. Nothing directs the actions of the body but the body itself. While genetics can figure in physiological defects, over 99% of all dis-ease is a result of improper lifestyle habits.

All dis-ease is wholistic and has four interrelated components: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Pioneer hygienic nurse Florence Nightingale said over 100 years ago: “Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon disease, as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty or clean condition, and as much under our own control; or rather as the reactions of kindly Nature against the conditions in which we have brought ourselves?”

Florence Nightingale also said: “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease-conditions.” (Read Beachamp or Pasteur?)

The “Seven Stages of Disease,” nominated by Dr. John H, Tilden, author of Toxemia Explained:

1. enervation. 2. toxemia or toxicosis. 3. irritation. 4. inflammation. 5. ulceration. 6. induration. 7. cancer.

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