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Detoxification is the body’s physiological processes of eliminating wastes and toxins/poisons to achieve inner purity, preserve its functionality and maintain optimal health.

The process of detoxification entails: 1. the cells off-loading metabolic wastes and environmental toxins into the bloodstream for filtering by the liver and kidneys for elimination; 2. the organs of elimination (bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, vagina) releasing metabolic, environmental and residual food wastes via feces, urine, breath, sweat and menses; and 3. the expectoration of toxins via mucous from the throat, lungs and sinuses.

With higher level of available energy during the detoxification phase, the body intelligently channels it toward accomplishing the most essential tasks: cleaning out toxic matter and excess fat, repairing cells, tissues and organs, producing more robust enzymes and establishing balance in all bodily systems.

The body is equipped with all the detoxification faculties it needs to achieve internal purity, and it will do so very well provided that we support its functions by living correctly, as per a Vibrant Lifestyle and, if necessary, the personalized Vegan Healing Diet PlanTM.

Detox/cleansing products, detox baths, saunas, enemas and colonics are not needed, and they are typically enervating and damaging.

The body normally conducts its detoxification processes every moment of the day.

Detoxification is suspended or curtailed, however, when it is forced to focus its energies on other energy-intensive tasks, such as: stressful exercise; healing mental, emotional and physical traumas; digesting gluttonous meals; and operating its most vital organs when assaulted by toxic agents such as drugs, some herbs and animal venom.

The body generally operates on a daily cycle whereby the majority of detoxification occurs in the early morning, roughly between 4:00 AM until 12:00 noon—therefore, it is advantageous to eat lightly in the morning, consuming only water, juices and juicy fruits, to avoid forcing the body to divert its energy away from detoxification and toward the digestion of heavy meals.

As clients and students improve their health practices, abandoning their energy-robbing, toxifying diets and ascending to the Vibrant Diet, the body’s energy production potential is liberated and wonderful health-constructing things happen: the body initiates higher levels of detoxification and health-building actions, since it is finally being given the opportunity to accomplish what it is always trying to do, which is perfect its condition of health.

The detoxification phase is called the catabolic phase, wherein the body is “tearing down” inferior cells, replacing them with healthier cells, repairing damage, balancing our endocrine systems, in preparation for the rebuilding phase, known as the “anabolic” phase.

The temporary effects people experience during the detoxification phase might include: elimination symptoms (e.g., loose stools, skin outbreaks, malodorous underarms); weight loss; temporary intensification of dis-ease symptoms; mood swings; temporary decrease in energy; amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation); food cravings.

During the detoxification phase, everyone also experiences some weight loss, which is absolutely necessary as the body rids itself of toxic, morbid food matter stored in the bowels and tissues, unhealthy fat and other toxins in order to restore health and rebuild itself with all new healthy cells.

Detoxification and weight loss are necessary for healing—a clean internal environment is essential for healing and rejuvenation.

During this period of weight loss, most of the muscle mass people think they are losing is actually excess water—the muscle mass will come back when the body is ready for the rebuilding phase.

During this period of weight loss, the body will not get rid of anything it needs, i.e., we will not become malnourished if we correctly eat the appropriate Vibrant Diet.

The steps up to a Vibrant Diet need to be made gradually, that is, at a comfortable and safe pace to avoid triggering drastic cleansing/purging responses, discomfort and weakness.

Some clients might be in the midst of intensified detoxification when they initially contact a Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy Counselor for guidance—in those cases, it is prudent to consult with a hygienically-trained doctor and to work with the clients very closely and carefully to determine a Vibrant Diet Program which will work comfortably for them.

If people persevere through the uncomfortable detoxification symptoms, including the concomitant weight loss, and stick with a Vibrant Lifestyle Program, getting extra sleep and rest when feeling tired or unwell, and resisting covering up symptoms with medicines (which only add more toxins to the system), they will arrive at a wonderful state of well-being in the quickest time possible, gain new healthy weight and stronger muscles, and, in the process, they will learn invaluable lessons about how the body works to restore health.

Generally, 6 to 12 months are needed for the body to accomplish the majority of its detoxification, healing and rejuvenation work.

During the detoxification and rebuilding phase, it is necessary to rest and sleep more, that is, to conserve energy so that the body can accomplish its grand rejuvenation process efficiently and in the least time.

For athletes, this means temporarily slowing down, minimizing or completely stopping their training, bodybuilding and competitive activities—an athlete who is fatigued with a bout of detox symptoms needs rest, not exercise.

Complete detoxification is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves—the payoff is enormous!

Via the healthful living practices of Vibrant Lifestyle Program, we will maintain inner purity and feel and perform better than ever, freeing ourselves from disease and enjoying a more vital, youthful, productive and joyful life!

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