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Acidosis is defined as excessive blood acidity caused by an overabundance of acid in the blood, or a loss of bicarbonate from the blood (metabolic acidosis), or by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood that ensues from poor lung function or slow breathing (respiratory acidosis).

The major causes of acidosis are: 1. most modern diets which are comprised mainly of acidifying foods, and 2. the fermentation of starches and putrefaction of proteins in the stomach caused by eating incompatible food combinations and indigestible foods, resulting in acid waste poisoning, a degenerative condition that, sadly, most people, even most vegans and rawfooders, endure every day of their declining lives.

Modern diets cause low grade acidosis, or chronic acidosis.

The unhealthy results of acidosis are: irritation, inflammation, enervation, malnutrition, loss, of alkaline mineral reserves, depletion of enzymes, degenerative diseases related to poor-quality body tissues such as osteoporosis and fractures, weak body tissue, accelerated aging and many other disease conditions.

The Vibrant Diet reverses the effects of acidosis.

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